Les Brassins Nazairiens


Seasonal lager brewed only once a year with the plums from my garden. It is different every year, because the fruits (100% natural) are also different from one year to the next depending on the weather.
It is not a fruit beer, but a real seasonal lager with notes of plums, a bitterness present and floral

notes Alcohol content: 5.5% It goes with: sauerkraut, marinated fish, cured meats, goat and sheep cheeses, comté, pie and fruit

cakes La Blonde à la Spiruline


"La Belle Verte" blonde beer with spirulina.
A beer that will do you good! A beer also for athletes, because both spirulina and beer are known to improve performance, facilitate recovery and conviviality during the 3rd half.
It will surprise you with its taste and special notes.

Small specificity: I advise you to serve it twice in your glass: pour two-thirds and then stir the bottle the last third before pouring, once served, the beer will become green and the yeast will bring additional tastes!

Alcohol content: 5%

La Blonde with Spirulina


Version 2 of spirulina beer. The difference? The color, it remains blonde!

Spirulina lager with citrus notes and a bitterness present.

Alcohol content: 5%

It can be enjoyed with: Fish and shellfish, grilled meats, pies and fruit


Light blonde beer with rye malt that brings roundness and complexity. Hops bring bitterness, notes of white wine and red fruits. It is cold-hopped. Its little name comes from "seagull" in Breton, a small nod to the many seagulls and gulls that offer me private concerts from time to time above the brewery 😉

Alcohol content: 4%

Food pairings: Ideal with small grilled sardines, a small fish tapenade or oysters for example. But it is also drunk with a small sausage!

The Brown


Light peated dark beer with notes of coffee. It contains, among other things, whisky malt.

Alcohol content: 7.9%

Goes perfectly with: red meat, cold cuts, foie gras, cheeses (reblochons or roqueforts oar example! ) and chocolate cakes.

La Blonde au Sarrasin

La Bois Joubert

Blond beer with organic and Breton Buckwheat malt and sweet herbaceous and buckwheat notes with a slight bitterness.

Alcohol content: 5%

Blonde beer with organic and Breton buckwheat malt and sweet herbaceous and buckwheat notes with a slight bitterness.

The Blonde


Blonde beer with Elderflower Light beer called "thirst beer" because it is very thirst-quenching! It has a little bitterness and lemon notes. It is cold-hopped for more flavors.

In short: An ideal thirst beer in good and hot weather.

Alcohol content: 4.5%

It can be enjoyed with: raw vegetables, oysters, seafood, grilled or smoked fish, grilled corn, fresh goat, sorbets, citrus fruits and other fruit desserts.



Amber beer with notes of caramel cookies that come from special malts. It has a slight hint of acidity and very little bitterness.

Alcohol content: 5.5%

It can be enjoyed with: beef bourguignon, dishes in sauce or cheeses.

The White


White beer brewed with 50% organic Breton barley and 50% organic wheat malt and Breton also (from Yec'Hed Malt) hops added during boiling and cold will bring a little bitterness and citrus notes such as mandarin and notes of exotic fruits.

Alcohol content: 5.5%

It goes perfectly with: oysters, crustaceans, white meats and cheeses such as Tomme fermière.